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Balcony gardening

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Make your own garden does not necessarly required a lot of space. A small balcony may be enough to start growing aromatic herbs for your own consumption and even some vegetables.

You will be amazed to see how fast your garden space will host a whole ecosystem of humming wildlife.

Indeed if balcony gardens are designed for the sake of your eyes and taste, they are a powerful tool to offer natural shelter in urban areas for numerous animal species.


How to make your balcony garden container ?

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- In between the stones the water will remain like in a tank where roots will come liking when needed.

- Holes allows water run-off from the dirt to keep it frorm over watering.

- Mulch layer helps regulating dirt temperature, prevents water evaporation and avoid weed sprouting by cutting their sun off.

To plant a hole has to be made through mulch and compost layers to set roots firmly in the dirt.

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Pictures and dedicated attention to the plants : Pascal.

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